Ants Rule: The Long And Short Of It

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Ants Rule: The Long And Short Of It

Publisher: Holiday House
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Mite-size engineers construct the perfect roller coaster in this fun-filled introduction to measurement and data presentation.


The ants need to plan the Blowout Bug Jamboree! But how can they build a roller coaster for the festival if they don't know how many bugs will come, or how big those bugs will be?


This enjoyable introduction to measurement, comparison, and data visualization focuses on building math skills that aren't dependent on units-- so it works equally well for young readers used to inches or centimeters.


And most of all-- it's fun! Colorful cut-paper art brings the bugs-- and their creations-- to life. In a deluxe fold-out spread, everything comes together in a huge, perfect rollercoaster-- big enough for all the bugs at the Jamboree to enjoy, and filled with tiny details for clever readers to spot!


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ISBN: 9780823441747
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 40
Year Published: 2019

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