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28 Jan 2021

It's surreal to think of how we have survived one year in business. Not to mention the challenges of having started the business just before the covid-19 outbreak. On a personal level, I lost a very very dear family member to cancer. That was really devastating. 

To be very honest, I had many doubts, and sometimes even thoughts of giving up.

I'm a social worker by training, definitely not a business person. Also not exactly a social media kind of person. (My personal IG was mostly inactive.)

I had to learn everything from scratch, and mostly on my own. From building the website, to liaising with distributors, to marketing the brand and to my most dreaded accounting. Furthermore, the competition was so stiff, and it seemed like every one else is suddenly into selling books at one point. (No hard feelings if you are one of them. Hee hee...)

Sometimes, I just wonder if all the hard work was worth it. Especially when it seemed like others were growing their businesses at a much faster pace than mine.

However, as I was looking back at our first year, there's so much to be thankful for. And these are the things that I want to remember and look back on in time to come.

One of our greatest highlights is probably the invitation from Times Reads to curate Christmas Boxes for Christmas 2020, and also finally meeting the team in person!


It's like a bunch of book lovers coming together, and that love for books is the binding factor. Thanks to that collaboration, we managed to clinch a small feature on The Straits Times! Small, but still means something to me.

Beyond the book competition, I am very thankful for the friendship that were formed with fellow book lovers cum book sellers like Lin Xin from My Story Treasury, Eileen from Groovy Giraffe, and Priscilla from Awesome Women Series. I am glad that we could journey together and talked about books and business and also our lives in general. Do check out their site to show some love too!

Of course, I'm very thankful for many other friends that I have made through this platform, fellow business owners and customers/collaborations turned friends. I thought of making a list, but that would be a really long one. And it really goes to show the support that many of you have shown me. For that, I am very grateful.

As I continue to stumble along 2021, juggling all my different commitments, I hope to continue to bring to you books that you didn't know you need in your home library. Mostly importantly, I hope you will see the beauty of this world that we live in, and fall in love with all the amazing inhabitants that we share the world with.