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The Beginning
26 Dec 2020

Why Books?

Books have always been my escape, and I read to immerse myself in a world that is beyond my own.

I used to dream of a home library in my youth, collecting all my favourite books and taking them for a flip once in a while. But space became a constraint and I switch them out for e-books, which I have an exploding collection in my kindle. (I just need more time to read them!)

Natventure Books was birth out of my desire to fund my daughters' every growing book collection. And of course, a fulfillment of my childhood dream. Don't you think this spark lots of joy? :)


Why Natventure Books?

As you might already know, it's a consolidation of the things that we love as family - Nature, Adventure and Books.


But did you know, both my daughters' names start with Nat? So it's also a compilation of their book adventures or adventures in general!

Natventure Books is not intended to be just another bookstore out there. I sincerely hope you will fall in love with nature and this world we live in as we share snippets of our adventures with you.

Stay tune!