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The Girl Who Walked to the Moon

Walking to the moon?

A seemingly impossible dream.

But impossible should never hold us back or keep us away. And this is a book that teaches us that.

This book is a metaphorical representation of Tessa's life (yup, the author is the real protagonist in this story) and her pursuit of a seemingly impossible dream.

The story brings you back to 3 significant moments of Tessa's life.

Her first stop was to a desert in North America, which was the birth-place of her dream. It was there, where she cast away her doubts and decided her pursuit.

The second stop was to the Amazon jungle to Peru, where she learnt about the Shipibo tribe and their ceremonies for people to heal all sorts of ailments, physical, mental and emotional. It was there, she discovered the strength within herself.

The third stop was to Bali, which was only materialised in the book. But it was there, where Tessa embraced herself as a whole, the good, the bad, and the imperfect.

Writing this book was Tessa's dream. It was her moon.

My moon is this little bookstore of mine. A dream I never thought would have happened, but a dream that indeed was fulfilled.

And what is YOUR moon? 


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