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Tiger Tales: Almost True Animal Stories from Old Singapore

I was really looking forward when I knew that Pepper Dog Press would be publishing another book. They have set themselves apart as an independent publisher with the quality of the books they published and my expectations were sky high.

I'm so glad that I was not disappointed, and I absolutely love Tiger Tales. As with all the other books that they have published, The Little Singapore Book, The House on Palmer Road, and The House on Silat Road.

Given that old Singapore was covered with lush rainforests, one can only imagine the rich biodiversity that we had (and continue to have), and the stories of how our forefathers interacted with the animals in those long forgotten history.

The 7 almost true animal stories from the book gives an interesting perspective to the history and life in old Singapore. In fact, I only knew about one of them beforehand, so it was a fascinating read even for myself.

Why almost true stories you may ask? The stories are based on actual documented historical events, even though some characters may be created for the purpose of storytelling.

At the close off each story, a segment was dedicated to share with readers a summary of the actual events and the elements from the story that were fictitious.

I must say, this is a VERY compelling book. Besides the interesting events from the old Singapore, it's was also written in a captivating manner. The writings are accompanied by beautiful illustrations that showcased the life in old Singapore through their attention to details.

It's wise to allocate more time when diving into this book as it's hard to stop at just one story. In fact, we almost went through half the book in one sitting. Definitely a feat for my active kiddos, which is a testament of how much they enjoyed the book.

I highly recommend this book for all animal lovers and anyone interested in animal stories from old Singapore.


This book can be purchased from here.

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