Secrets of Singapore: Changi Airport

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Secrets of Singapore

Secrets Of Singapore: Changi Airport

Publisher: Epigram Books
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In Secrets of Singapore: Changi Airport, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl take to the skies!


The two superheroes find out that there’s more to Changi Airport than just planes and passengers. They reveal intriguing secrets in places like the taxiways (which have nothing to do with taxis), the runways (which have nothing to do with running) and the apron (which has nothing to do with cooking). Jewel is a real gem, though.


That’s not all!


Danger Dan and Gadget Girl also discover that video game devices are used to screen baggage, that someone once lost a pet hamster in the airport and why food tastes like cardboard in a plane (hint: it’s not because the chef’s a dud).


Join Danger Dan and Gadget Girl as they clear the air by solving all the mysteries shrouding Changi Airport! 


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ISBN: 9789814785648
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 144
Year Published: 2019

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