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About Us

Hello! I'm Cecilia, a mother of 2 girls. I'm currently homeschooling my elder girl, who is supposed to be at Kindergarten 1 this year. That being said, curriculum time at home is actually kept to the minimal and we are often out exploring new places or discovering new treasures at our favorite places.

I enjoy being among the trees and away from crowd and my elder daughter enjoys picking up sticks, leaves, seeds, flowers, stones, etc. My youngest daughter is turning 1 years old this year, and enjoys putting everything into her mouth. I had to remove leaves from her mouth on many occasions. Definitely exploring nature (with her mouth) right from the start!

Our love for all things nature brought forth the birth of Natventure Books, which is a combination of Nature, Adventure & Books.

Our books are specially curated to introduce to children (and parents) to the beauty and wonder of nature. Stay curious, and I believe you will learn many interesting facts about the world around us through these beautifully illustrated books.