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Butterflies Belong Here: A Story of One Idea, Thirty Kids, and a World of Butterflies (Hardback)

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Author: Deborah Hopkinson

Illustrator: Meilo So

Number of pages 64

Butterflies Belong Here is a powerful story of everyday activism and hope.

In this moving story of community conservation, a girl finds a home in a new place and a way to help other small travelers.

This book is about the real change children can make in conservation and advocacy-in this case, focusing on beautiful monarch butterflies.

know what to look for: large black-and-orange wings with a border of small white specks, flitting from flower to flower, sipping nectar. But though I looked hard, I couldn't find even one. I wondered if monarch butterflies belonged here. I wondered if I did, too.

Butterflies Belong Here is proof that even the smallest of us are capable of amazing transformations.

Equal parts educational and heartwarming, this makes a great gift for parents and grandparents, as well as librarians, science teachers, and educators.

* Those interested in beautiful butterflies and everyday activism will find this lovely book both motivating and inspiring.

* Perfect for children ages 5 to 8 years old