Curious Creatures Glowing In The Dark

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Curious Creatures Glowing In The Dark

Publisher: Flying Eye Books
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Did you know that under the sea, deep in the forest, and out in the desert there are creatures that make light all by themselves? The Earth is full of curious creatures that really do glow in the dark.

From fireflies and sea turtles to puffins (yes, puffins!), scorpions and squirrels, this beautifully illustrated non-fiction picture book reveals a hidden world of amazing glowing animals. How do they glow? And what is the brightest creature of all? Read on to find out all sorts of fascinating facts about these incredible creatures.

Children will discover how and why these creatures glow, and explore how humans have tried to harness their dazzling skills. A perfect book for children with a curiosity to learn more about the wonderful animals we share our planet with.


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ISBN: 9781838740337
Cover Type: Hardback
Page Count: 40
Year Published: 2021

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