Secrets of Singapore: Chinatown

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Secrets of Singapore: Chinatown

Publisher: Epigram Books
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In Secrets of Singapore: Chinatown, join best buddies Moo and Cluck on a nostalgic trip back in time as they retrace the footsteps of Singapore’s early Chinese immigrants!


The animated animal duo learn that not everyone celebrates Chinese New Year the same way, and that Samsui women were not the only ones who wore the trademark headgear! Things become a lil’ spooky when they discover a street of death (Gasp!) in Chinatown, unearth a tomb (not literally) and realise why the front row of seats is always empty at getai performances during the hungry ghost month. #shudder


That’s not all! Moo and Cluck also discover that the Chinese are not the only ones living in Chinatown, sugarcane has a festive significance, and some people used to make a living by writing letters to strangers!


Time to beef up your knowledge about this historic district. Don’t you make egg-scuses and chicken out!


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ISBN: 9789814901185
Cover Type: Paperback
Page Count: 160
Year Published: 2021

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