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A common love for books, set us on the journey to set up Singapore's first book cafe dedicated to prioritise the children's experience.


This is not an ordinary bookstore, neither is it an ordinary cafe. It's a space where children are free to be children; a space where they are encouraged to express their independence and to build their confidence in doing so. 


Every single person who stepped into our space, no matter young or old, are to be respected as capable individuals, and spoken to directly as one.


The low floor seating in our space was a conscious decision on our part. This allows children to be able to move freely, not having to be confined or restriced to a highchair. Even babies, can comfortably be put down on our floor sofa or a mat, and be a part of the family's experience.


The highlight for most children in our book cafe is definitely the opportunity to place their own orders and bring their own drinks back to their table. To achieve this, a learning tower was placed at our counter to allow children to interact with our staff on a less intimidating level. 


We also took note of the little details, like having little trays and cutleries of appropriate sizes. This reduces the children's frustration in accomplishing the task and not to set them up for failure.


Even if there's any spillages or broken cups, they will never be frown upon in our space. Rather, it is to be looked upon as opportunities for learning and for improvement.


A book lover's paradise, our books are specially curated to reflect our love for nature and exploration. With plenty of browsing copies around and books for purchase, families can have the space to bond over books and yummy treats in our store.


While we love our books and advocate for the same love and care towards the books in our store, we also understand that children being children, may not always be the most careful with the things that they handle.


A fold, dent, or small tear on our browsing copies that can be easily fixed with some tape is normal and accepted in our space.


If you would like to dine in at our space, be sure to book a table below! There's no need to make any reservation should you just wish to come by to purchase a book or two. 


Each of our table can comfortably sit 5 people, and 6 if you don't mind squeezing a little. And our slots can be booked one weeks in advance to facilitate your planning.


You may book multiple tables at the same timing if you are coming in a bigger group. But do note that we only allow multiple booking at the same time slot, and reserve the right to cancel should you book the tables across multiple time slots.


If no one booked the table after you, you are free to stay beyond your time slot.


Address: 65 Syed Alwi Road #01-01 Singapore 207644

Operating Hours:

Mon, Tue: Closed

Wed - Fri: 1.00pm to 6.00pm

Sat, Sun, Public Holiday: 9.00am to 6.00pm