The Keeper of Wild Words

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The Keeper of Wild Words

Publisher: Chronicle Books
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A touching tale of a grandmother and her granddaughter exploring and cherishing the natural world. 

Words, the woods, and the world illuminate this quest to save the most important pieces of our language—by saving the very things they stand for.

When Mimi finds out her favorite words—simple words, like apricot, blackberry, buttercup—are disappearing from the English language, she elects her granddaughter Brook as their Keeper. And did you know? The only way to save words is to know them.


  • With its focus on the power of language and social change, The Keeper of Wild Words is ideal for educators and librarians as well as young readers.
  • For any child who longs to get outside and learn more about nature and the environment
  • A loving portrait of the special relationship that grandparents have with their grandchildren


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ISBN: 9781452170732
Cover Type: Hardback
Page Count: 62
Year Published: 2020

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