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Human Body Helpers: Using a Wheelchair (Hardback)

Human Body Helpers: Using a Wheelchair (Hardback)

BookLife Publishing
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Author: Harriet Brundle

Illustrator: Danielle Rippengill

Number of pages: 24

Human Body Helpers is a series of 10 books, and it comprises of the following titles:

- Wearing Glasses

- Having A Pacemaker

- Using A Wheelchair

- Using An Autoinjector

- Using An Inhaler

- Using Hearing Aids

- Using Insulin

- Wearing An Artificial Limb

- Wearing A Colostomy Bag

- Wearing Braces

Come and meet the Human Body Helpers - our trusty team of helping hands. Find out more about the gadgets and gizmos our bodies can rely on. Whether a friend for life or only here for a little while, these amazing assistants help us work and play - we couldn't do without them!